Samarth Irrigation Controller

Samrth Irigatipon.png

Samarth Irrigation Controller is a controlling and monitoring automation system for the complete irrigation infrastructure. This can control and monitor 1 motor pump and 8 solenoid valves.

There are 3 ways through which can operate the system:

1. IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System): Farmer can start or stop the motor/ valves through calling with the help of an IVRS system by just pressing the numeric buttons on their mobile phone.

2. Samarth Android App: You can control and monitor your motor pump and valves through thgis app easily.

3. SMS: One can also operate this system through SMS.


1. Customize timer for motors, valves and combinations of valves

2. Dry Run Protection

3. Protection against Fluctuating Voltage

4. Protection against ‘Single Phasing’

5. Overload Protection

6. Missed Call Facility Whenever Power Resumes

7. Number Registration Facility

8. Password Protection

9. For All Types Of Pump

10. Customer Support

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